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Business Success Entrepreneur Services

Entrepreneur Business Success Training


We offer monthly Business Success/Entrepreneur programs from $99.00 to $295.00 to $545.00 to $995.00

We also offer "ETI Specialty Business Consultant" training/license programs for you to become a successful Business Consultant ... from $3900.00 for  a "Specialty Consultant" 150 page workbook with your branding, and a year of training and support. 

Business Blueprint For Success:

 Nine different "Business Mastery" Courses with 150 page homework-workbook [$49.95 each] ... with 9 different four week individual training courses [$499.50 each] ... and  over 30 unique eight week Business Mastery Courses of individual training from $995.00 - materials, individual video calls & video classes!

Shawn Jackson - Business Owner 40 years - Business Consultant 30 years - Business Attorney 20 years

Learn More About Shawn Jackson -  EMAIL


 Three different "membership" programs [Individual & Group training]

Joseph Berrios - Specialty Business Consulting for the Construction & Trades Industry 

Learn More About Joseph Berrios -  EMAIL

Essential Elements Business Development:

 Best Practices for Creative Entrepreneurs

Stacy McLaughlin - Specialty Business Consulting for Hair Salons & the Beauty Industry  EMAIL

CONTACT US to schedule your FREE Initial consultation via video call or telephone call. We provide Virtual Business Success Entrepreneur Services throughout the United States [soon to be the World] via Video Calls, emails, document sharing and Telephone Calls.

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We are committed to providing services in a sustainable/green process to help heal our planet by reducing carbon emissions by working "virtually" will all of our clients.

 If you have more than 20 years of experience within an industry … and you believe that you have the expertise and experience in your industry to be a “Specialty Business Consultant” and help business owners become more successful … Learn More Here ... we would like to have a video call/telephone call with you to Engage in ETI "Specialty Business Consultant Training" … about working with the Entrepreneur Training Institute. Contact Us 

Helping You to Be An Entrepreneur!


We will work with you in applying our 120 Business Success/Entrepreneur modules with over 30 workbooks and weekly live video calls to help you  reach higher levels of success ... and enjoy life, family & friends!

Getting Free of the Office!

getting free of the office

The office is a great place to start ... but being an entrepreneur is about not needing to be in the office. We will help you get command of your time and achieve financial freedom! business consulting entrepreneur services business center

About Us

Our Founder

consulting services

Our Founder and originating author has over 40 years of business entrepreneur success... over 30 years as a business consultant and over 20 years as a California Business Development Attorney. He leads a team of business professionals for your success with  business consulting, entrepreneur services in the virtual business center

Helping You Work Smarter

helping you work smarter

With over 120 Business Success and Entrepreneur modules and over 30 specially developed "business success" workbooks [134-152 pages each] along with our experienced and expert business consultant team, we have what you need and want  for you to achieve higher levels of success. CONTACT US

Networking Events


In addition to our individual business development strategies, workbooks and services, we offer a large variety of networking events, via live online video calls, where you get to meet and engage other business entrepreneurs to network, interact and help develop your next level of business success skills. Our Success Team is here to Help You!


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